Reading University Hacking and Henley Business School proudly present our second annual 24-hour Student Hackathon at the University of Reading, welcoming students from all over Thames Valley, and the rest of the UK and EU!

Whether you're completely new to programming or are a seasoned hackathon veteran, you are welcome to join us in this fun and collaborative invention marathon! Bring your laptops and bright ideas, and we'll cover food, power and Wi-Fi - beginners welcome!


Must be in full-time education, teams of up to 4, must demo to participate.


Submit the source code (e.g. GitHub repository), brief "What, How & Why" description, and presentation slides.

Hackathon Sponsors


£2,730 in prizes

1st Place

Google Home Mini

2nd Place

Raspberry Pi 3B+

3rd Place

Amazon Voucher


Power banks

Highest Rated

Gaming Mice

Loudest applause

Xiaomi Fitness Band 3

BMI Challenge

Build an application that supports UN Sustainable Development
Goals 7 and 11

We would like to improve our contribution to the UN
Sustainable Development goals.

We’d like your project to address 1 or both of these 2
goals, linking it to the roofing industry. Eg. a mobile app,
mockup or MVP that enables roof installers to capture data using
sensors in a phone, such as microphone, accelerometer or motion
sensing, camera, GPS, temperature, bluetooth, atmospheric
pressure, etc.

We’d like your project to show us the:

labels (text) shown to users who will be collecting the data,

metadata associated with the data collections,

destination of data after it is collected (web service, e-mail
address, messaging app e.g. WhatsApp, etc.)

Then make a video demo’ing your idea (2 mins max). It may
include images, charts, animations, data visualizations, live
footage, etc. It’s up to you!

Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy:

“Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and
modern energy for all”

Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities:

“Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe,
resilient, and sustainable”

Investec Challenge

Project for the greater good of society.

CodeWizards Challenge

We want to making giving for free fun and engaging. Our
challenge is about combining cool inventive coding
techniques, gamification and social good.

We would like you to create an interactive game that
could be plumbed into TheGivingMachine’s web and
mobile apps that if you win generates a donation.

Prize: gaming mice, hoodies.

GitHub Challenge

Best git tree

BCS Challenge

Think Make IT good for Soceity!

The BCS would like you to develop an application WEB, MOBILE ETC which can help develop and make IT work better for the whole of soceity.

This can be anything from developing a solution to homlessness, mental health to furthuring equality and diversity and LGBT agenda.

Furthur idea's below:

health and social care:

support developers to build robust and safe systems for storing patient information.

provide a safe environment in which patients can access their medical information.

ensure data-driven medicine is used for good

empower healthcare professionals by giving them the chance to develop their digital skills.


engage young people with IT and encourage them to consider a career in the field

influence education policy so it includes programming, coding and algorithm skills

revise the curriculum to keep up with digital advancements
improve the quality of IT education by supporting teachers

AI and ethics:

influence policy to make sure AI is used for good – not for harm
set guidelines for how AI should be created to minimise bias

establish standards to avoid artificial stupidity

support companies to build safe machines that are secure against outsider attacks

Cyber security:

raise awareness of the risks - for individuals and businesses

set standards of conduct for cyber security professionals

support organisations in developing robust strategies to tackle their cyber challenges

embed security best practice across the industry

If you need any furthur information check the BCS royal charter


Glass etched Plaque + Full 3 year BCS memberships or £50 amazon vouchers

FloLive Challenge

Best vertical application using provided IoT kits.

MLH - Best IoT Hack using Qualcomm Device

DragonBoard 410c

MLH - Best Use of Snap Kit

Casio Calculator Watches

MLH - Best Domain Registered with

Raspberry Pi Kit

MLH - Best use Google Cloud Platform

Google Home Mini

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:









Vice President


Social Secretary


Public Relations



Judging Criteria

  • Core - LEARN
    Focus on picking up new skills throughout the weekend, both soft and technical. Learn from your teammates - you'll want to articulate this during your demo and add it to your toolkit for the future!
  • Core - BUILD
    Focus on building something amazing that both your team & others can be proud of. A solid project sounds awesome, is useful for certain applications, and solves a problem well!
  • Core - SHARE
    Focus on nailing your presentation and sharing what you've learnt and built with others. If you've made some silly mistakes you're not proud of, make sure others don't do the same! Get us excited for your 24-hours at the event!

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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